Tips for making your headphones last longer

Are you frustrated with constantly breaking your headphones, earbuds, practically anything that has wires? Overtime, depreciation can cause your headphones to reduce sound quality, loose sound in one ear, experience cut outs or just stop working altogether. So the question is why these problems do occur and how can our headphones last longer. Here is our guide of key top tips:

Clean headphones

Take care of your headphones and clean them on a regular basis. To ensure high resolution audio get rid of dust and earwax that can clog up your headphones.

Be gentle when wrapping your headphones:

Most of the wear and tear of headphones occurs at the cable. We all wind up our cables but, this is something to be conscious about, as the tightness can cause damage to the internal wiring, which leads to fraying. Additionally, dangling your earbuds or headphone can also cause stress of the wires.

Buy durable headphones:

There are a huge variety of headphones on the market available from a number of brands and some may assume buying headphones at a higher price tag means better quality, but this is not necessarily true. When purchasing headphones you should look out for quality materials including strong, durable plastic or even better, metal casting like aluminium. The thickness of rubber around the wires is also very important as cable strength plays an important role. If you are an athlete or avid fitness fanatic, purchase sweat-proof headphones and for everyday use, your headphones should at least be able to withstand a bit of rain that will surely come its way. Choose a product with strong product warranty, Urbanz products have a lifetime warranty on all products as this allows you the customer to quickly fix or replace your broken earbuds.

Protect the weak spots

When disconnecting your headphones, pull directly on the plug, rather than yanking the wire out. Similarly, when removing earbuds.

Follow these simple tips and let’s see how long you can go without having to buy a new pair of headphones.

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