Go Green and Recycle Your Earphones


These days when the environmentalists are warning against the use of non recyclable products and the world is opting for recycling rather than manufacturing new material, why would you throw away your earphones? These can be recycled like any other plastic product. Though they look tiny and one might not notice that such a little object can possibly pollute the earth and air, but since they are produced with non-biodegradable material, they cannot decompose. And hence in the long run, when everyone contributes to a portion of that small amount of non-biodegradable waste, the world does start to suffer.

Why is Recycling Important?

Your coiled ear phones lying snug in your pocket can lose their working ability soon. It is not unusual for you to find one ear bud working and the other dead or the wire has been damaged and the sound cannot pass through it. One after another; not much time passes and by then a number of head phones or ear phones get piled up next to your bed, on your desk or just get scattered in the entire room. These earphones are messing up your room and if you throw them away they are not going to decompose and hence cause an issue for the environment. The best option for you is to send them away for recycling. There are various reasons for you to opt for recycling and to name a few you have:

• Recycling helps in less energy consumption.
• You can keep the environment clean.
• No new material is required to be produced.
• Our environment is saved from the excessive fumes of carbon.

You can make good use of the opportunity of having numerous pairs of broken earphones. There are many companies who have commenced in the business of offering discounts to users who purchase new ear phones or headsets from them provided that they send in their old broken earphones. Or you can exchange them with a completely new item instead. There are also places where companies have developed a habit of paying everyone who brings in old material for recycling.

This habit has greatly increased people’s awareness towards the environment and how to save it from the imminent risks of pollution. Already being present in ample amount, it is best if we can do whatever lies within our power to reduce or diminish it. Recycling ear phones is just one aspect of the many things people can do in order to assist the green movement.
In retrospect, you can also turn your old ear phones into other forms of digital devices such as speakers. There are plenty of useful crafts and DIY projects available on paper and the web where such activities are highlighted. Also a form of recycling, these projects take the green movement to an entirely new level. You could also simply drop your earphones in the nearest “recyclable waste” bin and in doing so aid the environment out of sheer good will rather than for being paid in some manner or other.

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