Recycle your old or broken headphones by utilising Urbanz's recycle scheme.

Did you know that headphones should not be thrown away, but ethically dealt with?

No? Well, as a responsible and ethical brand, we at Urbanz want to be the ones to recycle your old or broken headphones!

If you just want to ethically dispose of your headphones, then no problem. Simply send us the old / broken headphones using the form to request a return slip.

Join the conversation on Twitter. The first 100 people to share on Twitter or Facebook using hashtag #RecycleYourHeadphones (so we can find you!) will be contacted with a prize.

Never heard of Urbanz? Well, they are a UK based headphones brand that produce bright and colourful headphones and accessories at sensible prices.

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Use the form below now to request your return slip. You shall then be given details on how to recycle your headphones/earphones. You can return any brand or model. The end goal remains the same; to ethically recycle your faulty or broken headphones/earphones.

We shall send you return details so you can ethically recycle your headphones